The D-ENV is a 10hp Eurorack Envelope Generator with the addition of Delay and Hold functions for gates. As a “utility-effect” of sorts, it allows for delayed dynamics, which can provide more spacial or dimensional sounds within many configurations, including drum beat delays, or part of an echoic soundscape. Exponential envelope generator (ADSR / AR) with independent delayed gate / trigger processing (up to 1 second), and delay-hold (up to 1 second).

3 Env timing ranges (Short timing fixed range. Long timing can be extended for Extended-Long timing.)

CV to Delay time

Delay + Hold for Gate/Trigger Delays

Delayed Gate/Trigger can be routed internally at the push of a switch, and is “OR’d” with any income gates or triggers entering the envelope generator’s gate and trigger input jacks.

Delayed gates only accept new gate signals once the entire Delay and Hold cycles are complete. Delay cycle starts once a signal at the D-G IN jack is received (rising edge -or- positive-going). Both the Delay and Hold cycles are minimum 12 ms, and maximum 1050 ms, each, and are sequenced from Delay to Hold.


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VCF-74 MK2

The VCF-74 is a 14hp Eurorack analog voltage controlled filter, inspired by the diode-ring design of the 1970’s Mini-Korg traveler circuit. The filter is a cascaded (series) arrangement with HP feeding into the LP. It includes CVs to control cut-off and resonance per filter section. A boost switch allows for the HP to drive the LP in a way that provides warm saturation. Built in attenuators for level of: input; output; CV to HP; and CV to LP.

Features and controls:

  • Simultaneous High-pass and Low-pass discrete filtering
  • CV to cut-off (per filter, independent)
  • CV to resonance (per filter, independent)
  • Built-in attenuators (for CV to cut-off, Input level, Output level)
  • Boost switch (allows HP to saturate LP)

MK2 CHANGES (difference from MK1) LIST:

  • The faceplate will look exactly the same, except the addition of “MK2” nomenclature screen printed
  • The audio signal path will have slightly lower frequency response as a result of component value changes
  • The audio signal path will now use fewer coupling capacitors (more direct-coupled circuits means better overall performance including less slewing)


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The AWM-3 is an all analog, real-time, complex wave-shaping (triple wave-folder) 3-channel mixer module with added features of compression and multiple mix modes including matrix mixes. The combination of multiple access points (outputs of various mixes), wave-folding, and compression allow for an extremely wide array of signal processing, including complex choruslike sounds. More info:

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